The object of the Wine Tasting Party Kit is to enhance wine knowledge by tasting and comparing
four different varietals in a fun and relaxing way.  Each player tastes the wines, writes tasting
notes on the game board and makes their final selection as to which wine varietal is which.


                               OPEN  THE BOX...

                              OPEN THE BOX...

                     CONCEAL  THE WINE LABELS...

                   CONCEAL THE WINE LABELS...

                         TASTE  , PLAY & LEARN!

                        TASTE , PLAY & LEARN!

  1. Open the wine tasting board game carrier and take out the wine bottles. 
  2. Number the wine labels included:  I, II, III and IV (one of each)
  3. Conceal each bottle with a numbered label so that no one can see the wine varietal.
  4. Open the wine bottles and with the box flattened on table surface, place bottles on numbered
    (I, II, III and IV) positions (be sure the number on label matches the number on playing surface).
  5. Place a pen next to each notes/player station on the game board
  6. Provide each player with one wine glass for tasting. 
  7. Start with the first number and pour each player a taste of the first wine varietal. 
    Players may write notes on game board and repeat tasting each numbered wine. 
  8. Players must determine what number (I, II, III or IV) they believe to be the selected varietal and number the wine varietals in the notes/player station – wine bottle space.
  9. To determine the winner, peel the labels off the wines and compare against players selections.
  10.  Player/s with most correct answer wins!