For Individual or Customized Kits:

Please contact us directly @ 408.852.4302 or via our contact page.

For Distributors:
Putting the Brand in the Mouth - Literally!

A minimum of 4 players x 4 wines = 16 product impressions through just one sale. 
All players will remember which wine they liked the best, and MingleVine's Wine Tasting Kit helps to fulfill important strategic wine branding objectives!

This is what MingleVine's
Wine Tasting Kit can do for you:

•  Actively change consumers' routine purchase preferences
•  Create "Viral Marketing" through tasting experience
•  Strongly increase brand awareness
•  Create loyalty to a new brand

The patented cardboard box ensures safe transportation
and storage, and even allows for stacking.  The one piece
disposable cardboard box has an integrated lock and handle.